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About The Grainery

The Grainery offers unique home decor items that are selected because we want them in our own homes too!  From shelves to trays, kitchen goods to pottery plus a whole lot in between. 

We keep our eye open for product with rustic, boho, traditional with a hint of modern twisted together.  Thanks for stopping by!

What’s happening in our lives

  • The one with the dress.

    Hi everyone, it’s Mandy.June wasn’t my best month. Spent a large portion of it flat on my back on my sofa healing my finicky back. It gave me lots ...
  • The one with the patio.

    Hi guys,We know about before and after. How about before and part way?!?The patio is one of our favorite places to be in the summer. No bugs, great...
  • The one when I got a donkey!!!

    Happy Friday - Jess here...For almost 25 years I was involved with horses on some level. Ya know the phrase “eat, sleep, breath it”? That was me wi...