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The One About The Animals - Part 1

Animals.  I love them.  I love them all.  Well the ones with fur.  I am not a reptile or ocean swimmer fan at all.

I often wonder what my critters voices would sound like if they spoke words, or what they would be like if they were a person.  I came up with a few conclusions.


Fanceen - mini donkey

VOICE - raspy, says about 10 words a year

JOB - Spy.  she likes to blend in, shows no emotion and is content to be alone and do her own thing though she’s very friendly.  She gives hugs and will hunt you down when she wants attention.

Moe - retired gelding

VOICE - squeaky, higher pitched than you’d expect

JOB - circus clown.  He would love the wardrobe AND get all the attention from the crowd.  He unzips coat zippers and drinks from water bottles.  He cannot keep to himself and is always wanting to play with someone.

Gray cat - stray that is apparently staying

VOICE - little kid voice that doesn’t always pronounce letters correct yet

JOB - reporter/paparazzi.  Constantly follows you around, wants to be right by you.  When you stop he wraps himself around your feet, basically hog tying you for more attention.

Til the next installment of “what kind of humans would my animals be”, have a good night.

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