The One About The Floors - Part 1

So this quarantine deal is something isn’t it!

First week I raked and raked and raked outside. Still not done - but my arms were - so there’s that.

Second week I cleaned all kinds of closets, an extra bedroom, sorted through Christmas decor that I have hoarded (There is a chance I might have a problem - there was enough to decorate the White House) and the garage got a good once over too. Rumors started flying that we could all be shut down til April 30...say what??

Third week I took another walk through the house which I had now rearranged 3 times due to boredom. I knew this was it.

It was time.

I’ve been saying I’m gonna do this for a year now - those wood floors look rough...I declared to all occupants of my home - “tomorrow I start - be prepared to be patient.” What a mess. Two days ago I was kicked back enjoying a clean house - today - it’s a goat rodeo over here. I’m leaping from one counter top to another to get what we need out of the kitchen while the stain is slowly drying on the floors. I’m carrying laundry out the front door, around to the garage and into the mudroom door to get to the laundry room! I witnessed Sawyer take his work clothes off in the mudroom and run outside in his skivvies around to the front door just so he could get upstairs to shower. Now that I think about it - I’ve seen this before so maybe it didn’t have anything to do with me redoing the floors! 😂

The pooches, Bear & Roman are slightly perplexed with my new random furniture placement. The kitchen island, dining room table and all the chairs are piled up in the entry. I have barricades made to keep them off the wet floors. Looks just like the forts we used to make in the basement when we were kids. The toaster is sitting on a dining room chair the second you walk through the front door along with a loaf of bread and the jar of Jif. Classy - but what if someone’s hungry?

This morning the stain is dry in the dining room and in the half bath so Brogan and I will tackle that today with polyurethane. Entry and great room next - this will all be worth it - just a few more days to go!

Fourth week....goodness, I guess we will see!



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