The One About The Floors - Part 2


Flooring update for you...

I wish I had to coolest news to share like “hey guys I’m done!” or “look at my amazing progress!” Well it’s actually more like “what the heck polyurethane maker?”

A few nights ago I was celebrating being so close to finishing a rather large section of flooring I was working on. I wrapped up the project for the night, jumped in the shower and then hit the hay. At this age hitting the hay doesn’t always mean sleeping. It’s more like fall asleep, wake up an hour later, toss and turn for five hours and then get the best rest of your life from oh say 5:00am to 7:00am. Oh well - it’s the new norm! Somewhere around 4:45am I decided to take a casual stroll through the house to check on my floors. Isn’t that what everyone does? I turn the corner and stop dead in my tracks. Why isn’t the floor dry? Why on earth is it so shiny? I turn every light on in the house and scramble for the polyurethane cans. No way I made a mistake and bought two different sheens of poly! Not me! (🙋🏼‍♀️Me EVERY TIME is more like it- it’s not uncommon!🙄). I compared word for word everything on the labels - it is now confirmed - I bought the exact same product!  Whew!  So now why the shine? I can walk on it - dry as a cork - shining like a diamond though.

It was determined that the wrong label was put on my can from the seller.  I now start over.  So I get the sand paper out and the high gloss is now off. Opened the new can, said a chant kinda like this “please be semi gloss, please be semi gloss, please be semi gloss” about seven times in a row and started the brushing process all over again. Every hour on the hour I checked for the gloss to fade...just like making Christmas Divinity - when you are mixing the ingredients and the gloss starts to fade it’s go time to spoon the candy onto the parchment paper!

Two and a half hours in and it’s a success! We have semi gloss!!!!!  Praise be!!  Feeling very confident that that would be my only mishap I wait 3 days for it to cure and then move all furniture to make room to start the great room.

Fast forward 2 more days - the floor is prepped, cleaned, stained, dry and now ready for poly. I poly. I leave for 4 hours or so. I come home to fresh paw prints in the poly.  😩

Well folks - if you ever stop by I’ll show you where Roman once strolled! It’s like putting the palm of your hand in freshly poured concrete. We are adding character to our home...they are here to stay!


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