The one when I got a donkey!!!

Happy Friday - Jess here...

For almost 25 years I was involved with horses on some level. Ya know the phrase “eat, sleep, breath it”? That was me with these 4 legged critters. I went to clinics, took lessons, watched videos, went to Colorado for a brief internship and a whole lot of trial and error went into learning how to be a better rider and trainer.

I trail rode the first couple of years then got into barrel racing (about 22 years worth). I trained for a number of years, broke out colts, raised a few babies, etc.

My horses always had a job or purpose, I never had pasture ornaments.

That changed on June 22, 2016 when I found this girl online. Bryan and I went to look at her one evening. She seemed to be a sweet, quiet, old soul at the ripe age of 8. We bought Fanceen on the spot and took her home that night.

And what a gem she has been!! She has one speed - slooowww. She shows little emotion about anything and gets along with everyone, though she’s content to keep to herself. Twice a year she runs around like crazy for 10 minutes.

For no apparent reason.

She LOVES to get her feet trimmed and when she wants attention she will slowly, politely and quite persistent-like hunt you down and stand 3 inches behind you until she gets her scratches.

She has one nemesis - water. She will throw a temper tantrum that would make a 3 year old blush if water is involved in anything. So, I pick my battles. No baths for Fanceen unless I want to ski around the house while she drags me.

Her only job is to make me smile, and so far she’s nailin’ it. She is an absolute joy and will stay here for all her days. If these guys stay in good health they can live into their upper 30’s. Oh my! Do retirement homes allow pets?!?

*lifting up my glass* Here’s to another 20 years Fanceen!!

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