The One Where I Dance

Hi all.

In case you haven’t noticed we’re still in this quarantine!  🥴

A while back on IG I said I had a goal to exercise every day.   I’ve been doing a weight/HIIT program for a while and needed a change.  I scrolled through the countless options and a dancing program popped up.  That should be fun!

I fired up the laptop and pressed play.  I made it through the warm up just fine.  The first couple of moves were no problem.  Then the actual dancing started and I remembered something....I am a terrible dancer.

Ya know that scene in Dirty Dancing where Baby’s sister is practicing for the end-of-the-season show and she’s bouncing up and down with the music, but her timing is off and she’s jerky?   Yeah that’s me.

Shaun T and cast were shuckin’ and jivin’ real smooth and I was flailing everywhere.  Like ev-er-y-where.  We’re talking arms and legs going every which way.  🙄

I need to rewind a little bit.  I have a mirror in there so I can check my form when I’m using weights.  I can only see myself in a small portion of the room.   While the instructor and cast are staying in a perfect 6’ square box - I am all over every square inch of the 14 x 16’ room.   I’m covering ground like a cat with its tail on fire - and now that I’m catching glimpses of myself in the mirror during my random fly-by’s - THIS CAT CAN’T DANCE!  I was laughing so hard at myself I nearly wet my britches.  Several times.

And I didn’t improve.  At all.

I endured this laugh fest for 40 minutes.

Will I do it again?  Um, probably not.

What did I learn?  That I’m lifting weights tomorrow.  The heaviest weights I can possibly find.

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