The One Where We Tore The Trim Down

Hi folks!

So I started a little thing, that turned into a medium thing, that has now become a very big thing!  Ever do that?

7 years ago I painted my half bath this moody/rich color called Dark Ash.  I loved the wall color but not so much my trim with it.  Always thought I’d like crisp, clean white “ish” trim to make it pop. Well Covid-19 gave me the shot in the arm to do it.

I will not take the credit for all the wood working skills (thank you a million times over Pat!!!- Brogan’s finance’) as he did most of that handy work and rocked at it!!!  I’ll toot my horn another day and show you the 24 cuts that I actually made. 🙄.   

Now on to what I DID do...I painted...for 40 days and 40 nights!  That half bathroom turned into the whole main floor.  Yep.  One night after supper it hit me - I gotta do it all.  We cleared the table from eating and I handed the boys and their girlfriends all crow bars.  The gate was open and the horses were running!

The old trim and baseboards were down in no time flat.  I was giddy to say the least and also had that “😬there’s no going back now” feeling all at the same time.  Ever had that?  As quickly as we threw the trim out onto the front lawn Brecken had it under his arm and was carrying it to his fort - oh the improvements he has made to his shack with it!!

Pat would work on the trim when he could and I was doing my best to keep up with putting putty in nail holes and caulking. I painted the trim White Dove.  Boy that short little sentence was fast to type.  The actual brush to trim, baseboards, doors, window casings, sashes and grids took a fuzz longer to do. 🙃  Not complaining, I actually loved it. What a fun change!

ps - send teepee!

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Beeeeutifulll!👏 Isn’t it amazing what paint can do? I lOVe the wide trim above the window. The white paint gives it such a clean, crisp look. And the rug adds so much warmth. Love, love it! May I ask where you found the rug?

Amy B

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