The one with the dress.

Hi everyone, it’s Mandy.

June wasn’t my best month. Spent a large portion of it flat on my back on my sofa healing my finicky back. It gave me lots of time to wander around Pinterest, Instagram etc.

You know those ads that pop up with those charming gals in cute dresses? Yup, saw one. She was wearing this boho, creamy, dreamy dress and I was in love. That’s it. Bridal showers are just around the corner and I have nothing (less than nothing) in my closet to wear. I’m getting it! Placed my order and now I wait.

5-6 weeks later the much anticipated day arrives - it’s in my mailbox!!! As fast as I can I’m elbow deep into that package. I leave a trail of my clothes I’m wearing as I run up the stairs to try it on. I slip that puppy on and slowly turn myself around to the full length mirror for the big reveal!!

Wait what???

How does this not look like the charming gal from the internet?? Seriously, I’m dead laughing at this point. Remember the sitcom “Three’s Company”?? Mrs. Roper...yep that’s who I look like - all day long!! Or you know those little old ladies in their white cotton night gowns and night cap bonnet thingies on their head with their finger through the loop of a brass pan candle holder with an open flame walking to who knows where - me again!! What a look! I know better than to order from these places but I fell for it - raspberries! This one will probably end up in 18” x 18” squares in the broom closet for dusting.

Reminds me...I need more Pledge.


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Mandy…Mandy! Sister, you are more beautiful in this dress than the model because you give it real life! Take a steamer to to it, then add some jewelry, a complementing handbag, and a pair of cute sandals or booties and—voila!— you’ll be turning heads!💁‍♀️🤩👏💗

Amy B

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