The one with the patio.

Hi guys,

We know about before and after. How about before and part way?!?

The patio is one of our favorite places to be in the summer. No bugs, great place to eat, slight breeze, no bugs? As much as I love it, it seems odd I haven’t done much out there since we moved in almost 7 years ago. Time to change that so we did some thinking and came up with a plan.

Move table and chairs outside. ✔️
Hang lights different. ✔️
Order chairs for the covered area. ✔️
Get rug. ✔️

I planned on sharing this space with you when it was all done - however we’re 4+ weeks into waiting on our chairs to come and they are no where in sight. Dadgumit. For now we’re using our lounge chairs, an old rug I forgot I had and a fold up chair I found in the closet of the horse trailer.

Exactly like I planned?
Not quite.

Heck ya.

And now we finally have a place to store our towels when we’re by the pool. 😎

So until the new chairs come, I’ll be enjoying it just like it is. Welcome summer!!!


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