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The one where I plant stuff.

Hi, I am Mandy and I like to plant stuff.

Like anything! Pines, crabapples, roses, peonies, cedars, daylilies (did I say daylilies?❤️), ferns, irises, foxgloves - the list is a mile long. I have been asked SO many times who I get the gardening bug from. Tough one. Both of my grandfathers were farmers - one grew celery and the other crops for his farm animals. My Grandma Dannenberg loved her flower gardens at their home too I’m told. Except for hosta...I guess she didn’t like those but just imagine if she could see the ones available today!

My dad took over the celery farm and did that when I was tiny. He started gardening for fun about 8-10 years ago and he knows what he’s doing!! My mom definitely had our landscaping looking nice growing up. She appreciated seeing it look nice but she admits to not loving the process. Any how....I somehow love it!

Every spring I find myself buying pine trees of some sort. I’ve heard so many times “water for 150 days” and then they will be good on their own. That’s a lot of days. I don’t know why but I love knowing I have to go water those little buggers every night. Some years it’s just two and others it’s ten. Either way - it’s that “taking care of something” thing that I think I like.

My oldest son Connor purchased some land last fall. Memorial Day was the official day to plant pines on his property. Thirty holes were dug for his Norway, Black Hills and Colorado Blue Spruces. All are settled in and ready to take off! He and Brecken are a good watering team. Not sure the excitement of the watering process was handed down to them but they are committed to the task of the summer.

Seven years ago our neighbors sold their place right next to us to move closer to the family farm Yes - Jess and Bryan. I was convinced that the new neighbors would have at least seven or eight old cars rusting away on their back property line between us in no time at all. Why do our minds always think the worst? So...I planted five spruces in hopes of hiding that future eye sore. Silly me, I love our new neighbors! AND they don’t even like old, rusty cars! Pretty sure they sit on their back patio at night and wonder about that gal with the yellow, five gallon bucket. Think they take bets in the spring as to how many I’ll have to water that summer??

Those five spruces are now twelve plus feet tall and gorgeous!!

We are who we are....and we like what we like!! Be your own bird!!

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