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About Us


Welcome to The Grainery!  We are Mandy and Jessica - sisters - and one of us is waaayy older than the other.   One random day in 2014 we decided to start a business while talking in the kitchen.   We had to come up with a name for this new-found adventure.  We got to reminiscing about our childhood and visiting our Grandpa’s farm.  We were reliving memories of his house, the big old barn he had animals in and the grainery that housed a truck, grain and most importantly, was the sleeping quarters for his faithful 4 legged companion Duke.  We both got wide eyed and proclaimed “THE GRAINERY”!  And that’s how the name came to be.  

Over the years our business has changed and shifted.  One thing that has always been constant, we pick out each item with intent and purpose.  If you see it here, it’s because we want it in our own homes.   

The Grainery is a two man show.  From the receiving department (the family room at Jessica’s house) to the shipping department (conveniently located a few steps away in the spare bedroom) its just the two of us.  Within a 3 minute time frame we can go from CEO to coordinating transport and logistics (carrying product across driveway from the house to our storage area) to janitor then laughing hysterically over something that probably wasn’t even funny.  

Thank you for stopping by.  Make yourself at home, browse around and if you have questions please feel free to send us an email.  

Have a great day!

Mandy and Jessica